Central road board

CENTRAL ROAD BOARD. Thursday, February 10. … Contracts Completed Satisfactorily. … No. 4358. Kooringa and Port Wakefield-road—Constructing bridge over creek at Mintaro. … Contracts in Progress. … No. 4350. Kooringa and Port Wakefield-road—Delivering and stacking 400 cubic yards 2½-inch metal, Leasingham and Mintaro. … MINTARO. A letter was received from R. Palmer, stating that the […]

Mintaro Report

MINTARO. [From our own Correspondent.] Mintaro, April 27. Since my last correspondence we have had a delightful change in the weather—from a summer heat to an autumnal coolness, with a few nice showers. The sky now looks very promising for rain, which will gladden the hearts of our farmers, many of whom are turning up […]

Dredging Port Henry

Miscellaneous shipping. The Government schooner ‘Yatala’ towed the dredging barge out on Thursday afternoon, and proceeds to the head of the Gulf to deepen the bar at Port Henry, the nearest shipping place to the Burra.

Stanley, December 1906

DISTRICT COUNCILS. STANLEY. Saturday, December 1.—Present—Crs. J. Nykiel (in the chair), P. Smith, M. A. Kelly, and J. N. Tickle. Clerk reported that the subsidy, amounting to £66 16/2, and £1 2/9 on account of hawkers’ licenses, had been paid into the bank, also that George Scarfe and his surety, W. T. Mortlock, had signed […]


THE LABOR TROUBLE AT MARTINDALE. MINTARO, November 6.—Shearing at Mr. W. T. Mortlock’s Martindale station is still going on slowly. Since the strike, the contractors (Messrs. Young and Co.) have experienced great difficulty in keeping the stands filled, and the grass seeds are beginning to become troublesome to the shearers.

MINTARO, October 1906

MINTARO, October 23.— On Mr. S. Torr’s farm, near here, last week, the men engaged to shear quitted work. On the manager yarding the rams and wethers for them to make a start they enquired if there were any ewes and lambs on the farm, and on being answered in the affirmative they said they […]

New Mining Syndicate

GENERAL INTELLIGENCE. – A New Mining Syndicate. – A syndicate has been formed, comprising several local business men, with a view to working a piece of country on the estate belonging to Mr. W. T. Mortlock, near Mintaro, for goId. It seems that the syndicate means business, and work is to be started at once. […]

Utility of the Mule

THE MULE. The Utility of the Mule. Many years ago in South Australia when horses were less plentiful, mules were largely used for drawing loads long distances. Early colonists of the Lower North will remember the long mule teams which were used to convey copper ore from the Burra mine to Kapunda to be forwarded […]

Dr Brown coming home

Dr. Jethro Brown, the new Professor of Law at Adelaide University, was born at Mintaro, and so is coming home. He is a nephew of Dr. Torr.

STANLEY, January 1906

District Councils. STANLEY, January 6. Present— The Chairman, Councillors J. Nykiel, and P. Smith. Circular received from Crown Lands Office re amending the Bush Fires Act. Hours for burning stubble fixed at 4 to 8 p.m. from February 14. £1 1s to be subscribed to the Home for Incurables. Audited accounts and balance-sheet for the […]