Central road board

Thursday, February 10.

Contracts Completed Satisfactorily.

No. 4358. Kooringa and Port Wakefield-road—Constructing bridge over creek at Mintaro.

Contracts in Progress.

No. 4350. Kooringa and Port Wakefield-road—Delivering and stacking 400 cubic yards 2½-inch metal, Leasingham and Mintaro.

A letter was received from R. Palmer, stating that the main road leading north from Mintaro was closed owing to the damage done to a culvert by the recent flood, and consequently the traffic was diverted on to a district road, and trusting that something would be done in the matter at once. The Board replied that the matter was being attended to.

A memorial was received from 19 inhabitants of Mintaro respecting the damage done to the bridge at Mintaro in course of erection by Mr. W. Bond (Contract 4358), and trusting that the Board would take the matter into their favourable consideration, and allow something towards defraying the expense of the necessary repairs. The Board replied that under the circumstances they could not accede to the request.
The Burra District Council wrote, wishing the Board to define the road from Kooringa to Port Wakefield. The land was being fenced, and from the statements of residents no passable road would soon be available. To be attended to.
The Stanley District Council wrote, calling attention to the state of the road at Walkey Creek, near Mintaro; the ford having been washed away by the late flood the road was impassable. Also to the condition of the road between Daveyston and the Cross-roads, and mentioning, that up to the present time the traffic had gone over private property, but this being fenced it was now next to impossible to travel to the Burra with a vehicle, and requesting that the necessary repairs might be effected at the places indicated. The Board replied that no funds were available for the purpose…