Stanley, July 3.—Mr. Thompson Priest, J.P., elected Chairman for the ensuing year. Letter received from the Commissioner of Police, allowing Council the use of two cells, but declining to provide blankets; Clerk to write to the Attorney-General on the matter. Circulars received from the Dalrymple District Council and from Mr. S. Dawson, Waterloo, with copies of resolutions passed at meetings. W. E. Giles reappointed Clerk, &e., and B. Carter Solicitor. Permission granted to Mr. J. Lloyd to fence across Bright-street, Mintaro North. Works ordered—Making piece of road west of Mintaro and in Torr street, Mintaro North: metalling 6 chains, Sections 54 and 207, Stanley; forming 10 chains, Sections 160 and 320,Hill River; and rut-filling on road by Sections 349,351, and 357. Receipts, £2 15s. 10d.; payments, £11 9b. 2d.