Stanley, September 1876

Present—All. Tenders accepted—No. 125, Ryan, to complete contract for £20; No. 126, J. Lloyd, £4, for drain, and forming 19s. per chain; No. 127, D. Pannell, drain, £10, and forming 22s. per chain; No. 128, D. Pannell, 22s. per chain; No. 129, J. Lloyd, £25 13s.; No. 130, J. Ryan, £9 16; No. 131, J. Lloyd, £18 11s. Road near Howley’s to be inspected. Works ordered—Forming near Wesleyan Chapel and on road to Mintaro Gap; metalling on Manoora-road; ruts to be filled and spoon-drain made on Hill River. Receipts, £1 17s. 6d.; payments, £33 1s. 6d.