Stanley, October 1870

October, 15.— Present — Chairman, Messrs. Faulkner and Smith. Tenders accepted— No. 8. R. Lindo, £15 10s, ; No. 12, M. Meany, £7 17s. 6d. Mr. Lindo to have £1 for extending south, end of cutting near Mount Rufus. Two chains, and 4s. per chain, for cutting drain on east side of ford near Frineler’s. Clare Council to be written to to know if they will assist in making ford on boundary. Messrs. Brady, Gibson, and Miller attended for trustees of Mintaro Cemetery, and offered to transfer the trust of the same over to the Council. To be referred to full meeting. Mr. Faulkner to get forming between Sections 140 and 141, Farrell’s Flat, extended two chains. Mr. Frineler to be informed that if he does not clear drain stopped by him by his place, Council will do so at his expense. Clerk to get surveyor’s chain. Works ordered—Metalling opposite Mr. G. Cumming’s to be extended. Ford to be made near Mr. C. Martin’s ; culvert near Mr. Tobin’s, Mintaro; fords between Sections 54 and 278, and 87 and 13, head of the Wakefield; ford near Section 364 to be repaired; road from Black Springs boundary to railway crossing to be inspected and reported upon. Payments, £38 18s. 7d.