Stanley News

Present—Councillors Kelly (chairman), Torr, Thomas, and Brown. Tenders accepted—No. 329, L. Shepherd, £2 12s 6d per chain ; 330, N. Garrard, £2 17s 6d per chain ; 331, N. Garrard, £2 15s per chain; 332, G. Garrard, £2 7s 6d per chain ; 333, G. Garrard, £7 lump sum. A subscrip- (sic) of £1 to be sent to the Burra Hospital. E. F. Edwards granted permission to place a fence across roads adjoining school, and plant trees along the roadside. Councillors Kelly and Torr appointed to wait on the Commissioner with the object of securing a special grant for main road. Resolved that Mintaro ward pay the cost of burning the light in front of the Institute. Nominations to be received on Monday, June 19, for the election of three councillors in place of Councillors Brown, Smith, and Thomas, and for one auditor in place of H. C. Uren, all of whom retire by rotation. Mr. A. Hay was appointed returning-officer. The clerk to get a new gate placed at the pound. Payments, main road, £43; district fund, £104 7s 9d; receipts, £38 6s 8d.