Stanley News

STANLEY, August 2.
Present — Councillors Priest, Faulkner, Nykiel, Horgan, and Tralaggan. Mr. Thompson Priest elected Chairman for the ensuing year. W. E. Giles reappointed clerk, &c. Curator of cemetery produced books showing balance due to him of £1 0s 6d; to be paid. Leases of four graves signed to Mr. T. Miller. Mr. Carter reappointed solicitor for the Council. Clerk to offer Mr. Fahey 1s 6d per yard for broken metal at the quarry. Dayman to repair ruts and holes near Kelly’s and the Wakefield. List of constables put in to be published in usual way. Creek in King street, Mintaro North, to be inspected. Mr. P. Smith applied for repairs between sections 379 and 380, Farrell’s Flat; to be inspected. Letter received from Black Springs District Council, requesting Stanley Council to meet them re getting road from Mintaro station to the Black Springs on the schedule of main lines. Clerk to reply that, owing to the action of the Government re the Road Bill, a meeting at present would be useless, but the Council would be happy to meet the Black Springs Council at some future time when there is a chance of obtaining the desired object. Mr. P. Dowd applied for some metalling on the road between Mintaro station and Black Springs, and agreed to give the stones free of charge. Council to meet on Tuesday, 5th inst., to revise the assessment. Works ordered — Metalling five or more chains on road between Mintaro station and Black Springs ; metalling about 11 chains on Half-Chain road through section 315; holes to be filled up near Torr’s, near Ziegler’s, and rear of Bowman’s gate. Receipts, £20 17s; payments, £129 11s 5d.