Stanley Meeting

October 30. — Present— Messrs. Brown and Dowd. No quorum.
November 13.— Present— All. Dr. Webb to be written to stating Council will meet on ground of proposed exchange of roads near Wether’s, Saturday, November 20, at half-past 12 o’clock, to arrange. Tender accepted — No. 42, James Torr, 15s. per chain ; No. 40, no tenders. Council having inspected working of Mellor’s patent double-furrow plough, expressed themselves very much pleased with it, as it is of lighter draught than the ordinary ploughs now in use, and makes excellent work. Cheque for £36 5s. to be forwarded to Clare District Council, being half cost of work on boundary-road near Trilling’s Hill. Mr. Dowd having made complaint that his fence on west side of Sections 340, 342, 344. and on one side of road allowed to be closed by the Council is much damaged by cattle, &c. Messrs. P. Clerken, J. Reilly, and G. Earle to be warned, that if the same is not discontinued, Council will cause road to be opened immediately. Poundkeeper to have his board of fees and charges repainted and made legible. Receipts, £26 1s. 8d. ; payments, £55 16s. 9d.