Stanley Meeting

Present:—The Chairman, Messrs. Meany, Dowd, and Bowman. Clerk to write to Clare Council and the Crown Lands Office; respecting exchanges of roads to the north-west of Section 369 for a road through Section 369; to Mr. Richardson, respecting surveying some roads to the east of Bowman’s block near Dr. Webb’s and near the Flagstaff to Dr. Webb’s, to know if he will allow a deviation through Section 506; and to the Clare Council, in reply to their application for £36 5s., half the amount expended on the boundary road near Trilling’s Hill, stating that no notice has been received by the Stanley Council of the completion of the work, and that they do not consider it finished according to specifications, but are willing to meet the Clare Council on the ground to examine it. Tender accepted—Martin Mallone, £6 10s., making ford on the boundary between Sections [311] and 586. Application for repairs to ford between Sections 175 and 178, and to metal hill between Sections 178 and 307. Council to inspect. Also, for a ford near Larkey’s. Council to inspect. Also, for a crossing over the Wakefield’s between Sections 365 and 12. Messrs. Priest and Bowman to inspect. Rate of eightpence in the pound upon the assessment carried. Payments, £1 19s.