Stanley Meeting

STANLEY, October 5.
Present— AIl. Tender accepted — No. 174, forming, £1 6s 6d ; metalling, £1 per chain, C. Gerke. Dayman to be placed over the work of contract No. 172, making ford over the Wakefield, to see that it is properly done. Clare Council to be applied to for half cost of work on boundary, done by Shultz ; also, to know if they will assist in getting more done. Letter received from North Midland Road Board acceding to Council’s request re footpaths. Permission granted to Mr. Priest to remove stuff from banks of cutting near the quarry. A new plan of the Cemetery to be prepared. Works ordered — Repairs in Torr street, Mintaro North ; near Tickle’s and Trelaggan’s ; repairing, forming, and metalling near the school, Hill River ; making ford and a few chains metalling by sections 369 and 370; rut-filling, &c., by section 503, Hill River; forming near Mrs. Raymond’s on the boundary, Hill River. Receipts, £2 7s 1d; payments, £23 13s 10d.