Stanley Meeting

STANLEY September 7.
Present—Chairman, Crs. Tralaggan, Faulkner, Nykiel, and Hogan. Mr. James Brown’s appeal against assessment considered; his land to be reduced 6d. per acre. Tenders accepted—No. 170, Mr. Mailon, £30 10s.; No. 171, F. Wayman, £70. Mr. Nykiel reported having let two chains of metalling on boundary road near Trilling’s Hill. Council agreed to let pound and house for £10 10s. per year. Clerk to write North Midland Road Board for permission to make footpaths in Mintaro and have control over them, also for permission to use banks of cutting north of Mintaro for that purpose. Clerk to obtain plan of cemetery from Curator. Mr. Nykiel to arrange with Clare Council to have repairs done on boundary-road if cost does not exceed £10. Letter from Hanson District Council, asking Stanley Council to undertake repairs on boundary-road ; to be replied to stating that they do not consider work necessary. Rate of one shilling in pound declared. Works ordered—Ford over Wakefield and repairs near Bowman’s; forming on Farrell’s Flat near Rowland’s: creek near Malysha’s to be inspected. Beceipts, £15 6s. 6d.; payments, £62 17s. 9d.