Stanley, June 1891

Stanley, June 6.—Present—All. Tender accepted—Main Roads No. 23, F. Wayman, 5s. 9d. per yard. Mr. Moroney wrote stating that he had supplied 17 yards of maintenance in excess of Contract No. 5. To be examined and reported upon by Overseer next meeting. Council agreed to pay half cost of repairs opposite mill in Mintaro if millers pay other half; total cost not to exceed £2 10s. Mr. James McDermott licensed to sell cattle impounded in Mintaro Pound. Chairman and Cr. McLeish appointed delegates to meeting of District Councils’ Association. Receipts, £5 0s. 5d.; payments, Account A £133 7s. 2d., Main-road Fund 12s., General Fund £35 5s. 6d.