Stanley, July 1900

District Councils.
STANLEY, July 7.
Present— All. Mr. A. P. Brown appointed Chairman. Tenders accepted—No. 125, A. Przibilla, £18 19s 3d; No. 127, J. Polomka, £4 18s 6d; Nos. 124 and 126 to be readvertised. Messrs. Nelson and Worby allowed to remove three trees from the road in Mintaro and John Lloyde one tree from the road by section 46. Constables’ list produced; objections to be heard next meeting. Mrs. Revitt to be recommended for district relief. Received notices from Registrar-General of Deeds of changes in ownership of land. Renewals of slaughtering licenses granted to John Nykiel and Richard Mann. Letter received from the Resident-Engineer, Adelaide Station, complaining that Council in metalling road at the westorn (sic) entrance to the station yard at Mintaro had blocked the watertable, caus- (sic) the water to flow into the railway property. Clerk to reply, stating that the watertable had not been interfered with and that there was no water there, and calling the attention of the Engineer to the bad state of the road between the railway gate and the road, and requesting that the necessary repairs may be done. Audited accounts and balance-sheets read and adopted. Cemetery accounts put in, showing balance due to curator £2 7s 6d. Outstanding accounts for graves to be collected forthwith. Application received to be allowed to plough unused portion of the cemetery not entertained. Road near Catholic Church to be inspected. The footpaths in Mintaro to be repaired, and road in Hill River, near I. Weiman’s, to be reformed. Council to meet to revise assessment. Clerk to get stationery required. Receipts, £6 13s; payments, main road fund, £38 17s 2d; general fund, £35 7s 1d.