Stanley, February 1870

February 19.— Present— Chairman, Messrs. Bowman, Dowd, and Meaney. Letters from Stow, Bruce, & Ayers, from Destitute Board, and from Upper Wakefield Council. Tenders accepted— No. 46, P. Rodgers. £22 10s.; side drains, 2s. 6d. per chain; No. 49, G. McLeish, £24; No. 50, G. McLeish, £11 10s., side drains 2s. 6d. per chain; No. 51, T. Faulkner, £49 10s. Letter from Commissioner of Public Works stating that railway will be opened for passengers and goods as far as Manoora after the 20th inst. Clerk to write to Black Springs and Waterloo Councils asking them to apply for appointment of Dr. Voght as medical officer for their districts. Crown Lands Ranger to be informed of growth of Scotch thistles near Farrell’s Flat Railway Station. Application from the trustees of Mintaro Cemetery for a passable entry, into gate of cemetery; to be done. Repairs to be done-between Sections 170 and 194, between 356 and 357, between Sections 166 and 167, and fords to be made between Sections 347 and 355, and between 278 and 340. Receipts, £18 0s. 2d. ; payments, £16 5s.