Stanley District Council

STANLEY, October 31
Present—All the members. Council agreed to pass Contract No. 1, as the contractor guaranteed to keep it in repair for two months without any extra charge. Tenders accepted—Contract No. 13, H. Kerns, £21; No. 14, G. McLeish. £9 18s.; No. 16. T. Faulkner, £7 18s.; No. 17, H. Kerns, £22. Tenders for Contract No. 15 to stand over till information is received from the Government whether the place is reserved or not. Deputation appointed to wait on the Upper Wakefield District Council stated that they had received all the information required. Letter from Upper Wakefield District Council, enclosing account of moneys received and expended on new road through Wilmot’s, and showing a balance of £5 5s. due to the Stanley Council. Clerk to write to Surveyor, to know what amount of money is required to complete the affair. Messrs. Melville and Priest reported having let work on the Hill River to Mr. Howley for £5. Large tree and stump in the road to be also removed. Mr. Dowd to let the ford on the boundary, provided the Black Springs Council agrees to pay half. Mr. Dowd stated that he had let the work between Sections 167 and 356 and 167 and 166 for £2 17s. 6d. Approved. Council agreed to assist the Upper Wakefield District Council in repairing road near Sections 578 and 587. Memorial from several residents about Mintaro for a ford in Torr-street, Mintaro North. Mr. Priest to let the work; also to get the holes filled up in Burton street. Mr. P. Brown paid £4 5s. 6d. subscriptions towards road through Wilmot’s. Works ordered—Repairing road from Mount Rufus to Section 503, Hill River, Watertable in Hill-street to be deepened. Receipts, £14 17s. 6½d.; payments, £22 9s. 4d.