Stanley, December 1906

Saturday, December 1.—Present—Crs. J. Nykiel (in the chair), P. Smith, M. A. Kelly, and J. N. Tickle.
Clerk reported that the subsidy, amounting to £66 16/2, and £1 2/9 on account of hawkers’ licenses, had been paid into the bank, also that George Scarfe and his surety, W. T. Mortlock, had signed the recognisance required by the Impounding Act, and that Mr. Scarfe had been gazetted poundkeeper. Mr. Scarfe licensed to act as auctioneer for the sale of cattle impounded in the Mintaro pound. Received from the Crown Lands Office letter re suggested alterations in the Width of Tires Act. Clerk to reply stating that the council is of opinion that the present act is sufficient if its provisions are enforced. Circular from British and Foreign Bank Society received. Hours for burning stubble fixed ; to be gazetted. Applications to be invited from persons willing to act as ranger. Receipts—£87 12/. Payments—District fund, £16 6/2.