Stanley Council, May 1873

STANLEY, Saturday, May 10.
Present—Chairman, Messrs. J. Brown, Faulkner, and Horgan. Tenders accepted—Nos. 57 and 58, making footbridge between sections 160 and 162, Hill River, and near old brewery, Mintaro, W. Hunt, Clerk stated that he had received a letter from Crown Lands Office giving notice that proceedings in re roads by section 510, &c., would lapse on 8th June, and that he had forwarded same to Messrs. Stow & Ayers. Tenders Nos. 52,53, and 50 to be readvertised. Application for a footbridge over the creek in Mintaro, north from Mrs. Crowley’s; to be inspected. Messrs. Harrold and Horgan allowed to close road between sections 60, 78, 79, and 85, 86,87. Slaughtering license granted to R. Brumby. Mr. Torr to be written to respecting the excesses on pound sale of three horses. Receipts, £23 18s 3d; payments, £40 11s.