Selling spirits by retail, not being licensed to do so.

Arthur Hill Stace appeared charged with selling spirits by retail on the racecourse at Kooringa, not being licensed to do so.
Defendant pleaded not guilty.
James Lamb, sergeant of police, stated that defendant was selling spirits in a booth which had the name of William Bailey Muir, Mintaro Hotel, painted up. Defendant served witness with brandy and lemonade on two separate days, viz: on the 1st and 3rd of January.
Matthew Bailey Muir, publican, of the township of Mintaro, stated that defendant applied to him for permission to use his name for a booth, which witness said he might do. Witness had no booth on the race-course, and derived no profits from any liquors sold in any booth during the races.
Defendant applied for a postponement for a week.
His Worship said, as the penalty was rather heavy he would consent to a postponement until the next Monday.