School Wasted at Mintaro Railway

MINTARO RAILWAY, November 11.—With reference to the need for a school a building is available which, with slight alteration would answer the purpose. It is one of the railway cottages which is not used by the department, and it could be rented. Failing this a school should be built, as there is every prospect of it being needed for many years. Is has been suggested that the Government might with advantage adopt the Western Australian system of tent schools, which consist of a tent erected under a separate roof of galvanized iron. When the need for them has ceased these schools are taken away and, re-erected at small cost to the department. Suitable living accommodation for the teacher and means of access to and from the school have been arranged for by residents. A married teacher is not required. For the last two years six children have been driven 7½ miles to Mintaro and back daily—75 miles per week, wet or fine. This has proved too heavy a strain from parents and scholars, and something should be done for them. Some children have been taught by their parents. Others have been compelled to leave the district owing to lack of a school, while still more are growing up without education.