Road Board, March 1876

[From the Northern Argus.]
Thursday, March 23.
Present—Messrs. W. L Beare (Chairman), C. Kimber, T. Priest, J. Cook, P. McNamara, T. W. Powell, and T. Hosier.
The appropriation of £18,250 granted by the Government towards the construction of roads during the current year ending December 31 was made as follows:—Kapunda Railway Station and Melrose-road, £8,750; Kapunda Railway Station and Gottlieb’s Wells-road, £1,500; Mintaro Railway Station and Hoyleton-road, £1,000; Farrell’s Flat Railway Station to Clare, £4,000; Farrell’s Flat Railway Station to Jamestown and Stone Hut, £3,000. It was resolved that the following works should be proceeded with:—Saddleworth Railway Station and Melrose-road, portion through Section 38, adjoining the town of Clare; between Section 150 at the north end of Long Gully and Rochester, and also road near Rochester; between Gulnare Pound and Georgetown, and between Gulnare and Georgetown; road at north end of Georgetown; between Gladstone and Laura, and road through Laura; road south of the Stone Hut. The Surveyor was ordered to prepare plans and specifications for a bridge over Blinman’s Crossing. Kapunda Railway Station and Gottlieb’s Wells-road—Making road between the Mount Byan public house and the stock road, and also near the south boundary of the district. Mintaro Railway Station and Hoyleton-road—Road between Mintaro and the western boundary of the district. Farrell’s Flat Railway Station and Stone Hut-road—Between Canowie Pound and eating-house, and also between Canowie and Jamestown; between Jamestown and Caltowie; between Canowie and Jamestown; between the Stone Hut and Caltowie.
A letter from the Commissioner of Public Works stated that the amount applied for by
the Board for construction could be obtained by
application monthly.
The Belalie Council drew attention to the bad state of the road between Sections 60 and 90; also between Sections 110 and 87. The Secretary to write that the work had been provided for at their meeting.
The Midland Road Board wrote, asking this Board to share the expense of erecting boun
dary-posts between the districts. The Secretary to write that the Board could see no present necessity for the posts.
A letter from Public Works Office stated that the appointment of members was a matter for the consideration of the Board’s solicitor; also that there was no objection to advertising accepted tenders in the Gazette should the Chairman desire it.
Tenders accepted:—Providing, delivering, and stacking 1,300 cube yards of 2½-inch metal between south boundary of North Midland District (south of Penwortham) and Sevenhills, —Shand, at 6s. 8d. per yard; 700 cube yards of 2½-inch metal between Sevenhills and Clare, James Bannon, at 6s. 6d, per yard; 300 cube yards of 2½-inch metal between sections 46 and 54, north of Clare, James Fryar, at 6s. 8d. per yard, subject to approval of stone.
The Surveyor’s monthly report of works in progress was as follows:—Saddleworth Railway Station and Melrose-road—James Fryer’s contract for metal in hand. Mintaro Railway Station and Hoyleton-road—G. McLeish’s, work commenced.
The Board adjourned.