Real Property Act

Real Property Act, 1886-1945.
Title by Possession Under Part V11A.
NOTICE is hereby given that an Application under Part VIIA. of the above Act has been made to me by ELIZABETH McQUILLAN of Mintaro Widow for the issue to her and in her name of a Certificate of Title for the ALLOTMENT 14 of Section 318 Hundred of Clare laid out as MINTARO NORTH at present comprised in Certificate of Title Register Book Volume 122 Folio 4 and of which the registered proprietor is Owen Sodan of Mintaro Laborer.
Unless a caveat is lodged with me at the Lands Titles Office, Victoria Square, Adelaide, by some person claiming an estate or interest in the said land such Application may be granted at the expiration of two months from the date hereof.
DATED at the Lands Titles Office, Victoria Square, Adelaide this 7th day of April, 1954
G. A. JESSUP, Registrar-General.