Real Property Act Notices

— WHEREAS the Persons named at foot hereof have each respectively for himself made application to have the Lands set forth and described before his name at foot hereof brought under the operation of “The Real Property Act:” Notice is hereby given that, unless caveat be lodged with the Registrar-General, by some person having estate or interest in the said Lands, on or before the expiration of the period herein below for each case specified, the said pieces of Land will be brought under the operation of the said Act as by law directed. Diagrams delineating these parcels of Land may be inspected at the Lands Titles Office, Adelaide, and in the offices of the several Corporations or District Councils in which the Lands are situated, or at the office of the Local Court nearest thereto :—

TOWNSHIP MINTARO — Lot 32, part Sections 187 and 316, Hundred Clare — SAMUEL ROBINSON, Mintaro…