Railway station

Paddy Whack.—We cannot insert your letter anonymously, imputing, as it twice does, intentional misrepresentation to a particular individual, but we are quite willing to give publicity to your views about the site of the railway station. Briefly, then, our correspondent says that the settlers of Farrell’s Flat and Hill River, are, to a man, dissatisfied with the site near Mintaro, and asks, “Why not build it where it would be available for the settlers of Hill River and Clare, namely, a few miles further north, where there are good roads, and thus divide more equally the distances between Manoora and Daviston, Black Springs, Mintaro, and Clare?”
“REFORM” recommends the establishment of a Government school for the reception of children whose parents “are too lazy, or indifferent, or ignorant, to attend to their training in any way, but who let them run about utterly neglected and uncared for.” Our correspondent is in error in thinking the Bushman’s Home is a Government institution.