Public Pound, Mintaro

Impounded at the Public Pound, Mintaro — One yellow bullock, white back, cocked horns, like book brand near shoulder, like AI near rump ; one yellow snail horned bullock, both ears marked, lik FL with W IB (both sideways) under near ribs; one red and white stag, about three years old, no brand visible ; one yellow and white cow, star in forehead, like B (sideways) I off shoulder ; one red and white cow, like B within circle with UPL under near ribs ; one red cow, W off shoulder, with red heifer calf, rope round neck; one light strawberry cow, blotched brand near rump, with bull calf, like T with J under near rump ; one strawberry cow, R near ribs, JR near rump ; one yellow cow, strawberry head, blind near eye, like X near cheek, like R near neck, like M(upside down)R near rump, with heifer calf, like T near rump, ear marked ; one red and white poley cow, WR near rump, like D off ribs; one yellow or light brindle heifer, blotched brand near rump; one dark red heifer, like J near ribs; one brown or smoky-coloured steer, rope round neck, R off ribs; one small strawberry calf, no brand visible, ear marked. If not claimed, will be sold April 16, 1855, at noon.