In: Supplement to the South Australian Weekly Chronicle

Proceedings in Parliament
Friday, January 19.

In Committee.
Mr. BRIGHT moved—
‘That an address be presented to His Excellency the Governor-in-Chief, praying His Excellency to recommend this House to make provision in the Estimates for the year 1866 of a sufficient sum for the purpose of providing Police protection at Mintaro, as prayed for by petition.’ He said Mintaro was a township of considerable importance, including several stores, a mill, and two or three hotels. No police had hitherto been placed there, and they simply desired that protection which they had a right to ask, as they were nine miles from the nearest Police Station. He hoped the House would agree to the reasonable prayer of the petition. It might be said that Mintaro was within the limits of a District Council; but it was on the edge of the Clare District, and district constables would not be sufficient to give that protection which was necessary.
The Hon. Mr. STRANGWAYS presumed foot police were asked for in terms of the Police Act.
The CHIEF SECRETARY said foot police might be, obtained for Mintaro under the clauses of the Police Act. He did not doubt the truth of the remarks of the importance of Mintaro, but if this motion was carried the Government would have to accede to many other requests from places with tqual (sic) claims. The Government would therefore oppose the motion, and during the recess they would have to take into consideration an increase of the police.
The Hon. A. BLYTH did not think Mr. Bright would wish to place a township in his district in a position which was denied to equally and more important townships—such, for instance, as Mount Pleasant.
The Hon. Mr. STRANGWAYS suggested that the Government should co-operate with every motion for foot police, and then if this were done these requests to the House would soon cease. Mounted police were not required at one-half the townships, and if foot police were stationed in them, the districts would, of course, be called upon to pay half the cost.
Mr. TOWNSEND agreed with the hon. A. Blyth, and thought that in view of the increasing importance of townships, the question of the police system would have to be taken into consideration during the recess. He thought Callington equally deserving of police protection.
Mr. BRIGHT was glad to hear that the Government would take the applicotion (sic) into consideration during the recess, as he was sure one member of the Government well knew the necessity of police protection at Mintaro. He would therefore ask leave to withdraw the motion.
The TREASURER said if there were such disorders in the district as was stated in the petition, it was the duty of the District Council to appoint district constables.
Mr. BRIGHT would do so, but there was no place in which to lodge prisoners when arrested.
The Hon. T. REYNOLDS suggested that the District Council could build a place.
The Hon. Mr. STRANGWAYS said in the absence of a station, prisoners might be chained to cartwheels or other things.
The motion was withdrawn.