Per and Pulpit

Pew and Pulpit
By the Rev. A. D. McCUTCHEON

Popular padre
All the padres who visit the Repatriation Hospital at Daws road are friendly men, and Father T. Horgan is one of them. He is rendering great service to his church.
He is a South Austialian and was born at Mintaro.
He explained to me that the name Mintaro is of Spanish origin, and goes back to the days when bullock drivers stopped on their way from the Burra[.] Some of the drivers were Spanish, and Mintaro was the name given because it meant “resting place.”
For five years Father Horgan was attached to the St. Francis Xavier Seminary, Magill. He also spent some time at Mount Gambier, and Colonel Light Gardens.
At present he is engaged in pioneer work at a new parish situated at St. Marys. This parish was newly formed only last January.
At present there is a church school which is staffed by the Dominican Sisters. Already 85 children attend.
In due course it is expected that the new parish, and its church, St. Bernadette, will be a great influence in this new community…