Opening of Mintaro Telegraph Station

Public Telegram.
The Superintendent of Telegraphs has courteously handed to us the subjoined copies of congratulatory messages, which were transmitted by Mr. W. J. Cunningham, the Chief Stationmaster, at the opening of the long-desired office in Mintaro on Tuesday, October 21:—
“To Charles Todd, Esq., C.M.G.—On behalf of several of the inhabitants of Mintaro, I beg to congratulate you on the successful completion of the telegraph between Mintaro and the Railway Station, thereby benefiting them by establishing direct communication with all the world.— Thompson Priest.”
“His Excellency Anthony Musgrave, Esq., C.M.G.—On behalf of the inhabitants of Mintaro we beg to congratulate your Excellency on the establishment of telegraph communication, thereby bringing the Township of Mintaro and the existing lines of telegraphs in the colony in communication, and thence with the whole civilized world, which will, we are sure, tend to increase the prosperity of this district. God save the Qneen.—The District Council of Stanley, W. Bowman, Chairman, Mintaro.”
“From His Excellency to Mr. Bowman.— I heartily reciprocate your compliment, and congratulate the inhabitants of the district upon the completion of telegraphic communication with the rest of the colony and of the world, and the attainment of all the advantages which that fact includes.—A. Musgrave, Government House.”
“From C. Todd, C.M.G., Postmaster General and Superintendent of Telegraphs. —I thank you for your kind congratulations on the opening of the Mintaro Telegraph Station, which I cordially reciprocate.—C. Todd.”