Northern Extension Railway

The completion of a railway connecting a distant district with the metropolis of a colony little more than 30 years of age is an event of national importance, and it is therefore with pleasure that we betake ourselves to the duty of recording the inaugural demonstrations of a line of railway to near the township of Kooringa—the locality of the world-renowned Burra Mine. A month or two since we gave some information respecting this new work, but at that time the line was incomplete. Since then the last rail has been laid at the Redruth terminus, and an iron road upwards of 100 miles in length, stretching northwards from Adelaide, is now an accomplished fact.
The history of this work may be briefly told.

The Mintaro Station is between six and seven miles from Manoora, and here there is a combined shed as at Riverton, with the addition of a master’s house. At most of the other stopping places the Stationmasters have not residences erected on the spot, owing to the contiguity of neighboring townships, which give the necessary accommodation to the officials in question. This station, however, is four miles east of the Township of Mintaro, and hence the necessity of quarters being built for the Stationmaster.  …