News Letters

[From our own Correspondents.]
MINTARO, July 19.
Business is almost at a standstill in this township. It seems duller than ever. Even the public houses seem deserted, which is a sure sign of money being scarce. The only prospect now for them is the football matches, when a few shillings are brought into the place. Our Mintaro footballers seem to have come off second best at all their matches this season, and I am sure that men that would face such weather and go a distance of 10 miles to play deserve to come off better. However, they have not lost heart yet, and intend to try their luck again.
The Melbourne gents who are now the proprietors of the Mintaro slate quarry paid the quarry a visit a few days since, and a few more men have been taken on. I am informed that they are about to get some machinery of a powerful description, and if so a great number of men will be employed. A demand exists for the slate which with the present appliances the orders cannot be fulfilled so speedily as the proprietors would wish. If a goodly number of men are taken on Mintaro will go ahead again. A prospect of better times for us all then.
The crops in this locality are progressing very slowly, the weather being so cold and the ground so thoroughly saturated. However, the farmers are in good heart and hope for a better season than the last.
Some of our townspeople have gone to try the new diggings at Forest Range. It is to be hoped they may be successful. If they are no doubt others will proceed there also.