New Mintaro Institute

New Institute at Mintaro.
There were great rejoicings at Mintaro on Monday, February 4, when the foundation-stone of a substantial new Institute was laid in that township by the Attorney-General (Hon. C. Mann).
The building was commenced a few weeks previously by Messrs. Whitehead, of Auburn, and Jolly, of Mintaro, the contractors, and such progress had been made that the visitors found about eight feet of the walls already built up. Its situation is excellent, seeming to have been chosen for the twofold advantage of convenience and ornament. It is quite in the heart of the town, being flanked on the right by the District Council Chamber—a stone building of a very neat appearance—and just sufficiently prominent on a slight elevation as to arrest attention from any point of view in the town. When completed it will be 58 x 24 feet, and 21 feet high, wall measurement; and will consist of a porch with folding doors leading into the principal room, 36 x 21, behind which will be two rooms, designed for the reading-room and library, each 10 x 10. The stone used is a rough sandstone which has been obtained from Kelsh’s quarry, and the rubble-stone is from Bowman’s block. It is estimated that the cost will be close upon £800.