Mule cargo arrives at Port Wakefield

On Monday, July 18— The barque Malacca, from Monte Video, after a passage of 70 days, with a cargo of mules, imported by the Patent Copper Company. Passengers— Mr. E.K. Horne, Mrs. Killicoal (sic) and family, Mrs. Skews and family.

Mules from Monte Video.— The shipment of mules per Malacca, for account of the Patent Copper Company — arrival elsewhere recorded — originally numbered 180; but so many of the animals died during a very boisterous passage, that only seventy were landed at Port Wakefield. In South America especially, mules are found of great service as beasts of burden, and it is much to be regretted that the spirited attempt to introduce them here has not been successful to a greater extent.