Mrs Mortlock’s Legacies

Mrs. Mortlock’s Big Legacies
Legacies and bequests totalling £18,565 have been left under the will of Mrs. R. F. Mortlock to charitable and other institutions in Adelaide.
Mrs. Mortlock, who died last Saturday, had always been a generous supporter of charities, to which she gave considerable sums every year.
The will provides for the appropriation and investment by the trustees of the undermentioned funds:—
A fund of £10,000, to be known as the Rosye Mortlock Charitable Bequest, the income of which is to be divided between charitable institutions conducted under the auspices of or in connection with the Church of England in South Australia, having for their objective charitable purposes as prescribed by the will.
A fund of £5,000, the income of which is to be paid to and devoted by the University of Adelaide for cancer research.
Two funds each of £1,000, the income of which is to be paid to the wardens of St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, Tumby Bay, and St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Mintaro, and devoted by them to the general purposes of the church.
Other legacies are:
Adelaide Children’s Hospital, £815 for the endowment of one ordinary cot and one baby’s cot, each to be known as The Rosye Mortlock Cot.
Church of England Boys’ Home, Walkerville, £250.
Orphan Home, Adelaide, £250.
Adelaide Benevolent, and Strangers’ Friend Society, £250.
All the above benefits are conferred free from payment of duties.
Was 48 Years at Mintaro
Before her death Mrs. Mortlock contributed £25,000 — shared equally with her son, Mr. J. T. Mortlock — to the Adelaide University for research work in soil erosion and the regeneration of pasture lands, in memory of her younger son, Mr. F. R. Mortlock.
The terms of this benefaction included the construction of a laboratory at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute which is known as the Ranson Mortlock Laboratory.
Mrs. Mortlock was the widow of William Tennant Mortlock, of Martindale Hall, Mintaro, and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tennant, of Glenelg.
Mrs. Mortlock’s bequests to St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, Tumby Bay, and St. Peter’s Anglican Church at Mintaro, recall her 48 years of residence at Mintaro and the pioneering of Tumby Bay by her grandparents.
Elder’s Trustee & Executor Co., Ltd., and Mr. E. E. Scarfe are named as executors and trustees in the will.
The lay superintendent at the Children’s Hospital (Mr. Smith) said that the legacy was highly appreciated. The hospital considered that the idea of endowing cots was one of the best living memorials one could possibly have.
Mrs. Mortlock had been a subscriber to the hospital for many years, and had been interested in the work there.
The Rev. Harold Giles, of Marryatville, who was associated with the Church of England at Auburn several years ago, said that Mrs. Mortlock had always been a generous supporter of the local church. Her gift to the church, and the establishment of the fund for assistance to charitable institutions was a praiseworthy gesture.