The usual quiet of Mintaro was broken on Tuesday, October 16, by the return of the annual show in connection with its Horticultural and Floricultural Society. Although it has only attained its third year it gives promise of becoming on* of no mean importance. In fact, it has pushed to the front wonderfully this season, for in some respects the show was superior to any that have been held in the North this year. The exhibits of tulips, ranunculi, sparaxes, and anemones were very superior. The Institute Hall was almost exclusively devoted to flowers. The centre table was filled with a fair assortment of pot plants, and the cut flowers chiefly occupied the side fittings. The front of the platform was graced with a profusion of table, hand, and bridal bouquets, some of which were tastefully arranged, but were too closely packed. On the south side of the building there were several good exhibits of fruit, including one of strawberries from Mr. W. G. Lewcock’s nursery, Clare. Several unenumerated articles were nicely placed in the building, giving variety and beauty to the arrangements. A cushion, the handiwork of Miss D. Bowman, was much admired, as also were the wax Sowers, leather work, and poonah painting of Miss Roach. Mrs. J. Tickle’s patchwork quilt and Mrs. Maddern’s crotchet antimacassar had attractions for those skilled in needle and knitting work.
Prizes were offered for dairy produce, and the Council-Chamber, which is in close proximity to the hall, was devoted to that section of exhibits. The whole were nicely arranged, and the competition was good. In fact, all the exhibits of butter, ham, bacon, and lard were superior. The miscellaneous articles occupied the centre table of the chamber, and there was a choice assortment of dried fruits, jams, jellies, wax, honey, &c. The open space of about 30 feet between the hall and chamber was enclosed at each end for the time being, and that portion of ground answered admirably as a vegetable and poultry showroom. The exhibits of poultry were not very numerous, but some of the birds were fine and well bred. The vegetables on the whole were very fair. During the afternoon the show was well patronised, a number of Clare residents being present, and the neighboring townships were also well represented. The energetic secretary and Committee are deserving of praise for the excellent arrangements made for exhibitors, and also for the public. The following are the awards : —
Judge — Mr. Wm. Kelly. In bloom: Collection of – plants in pots, not less than nine, 12s 6d, J. Tickle. Fuchsia, one, 2s 6d, Miss Bowman. Zonale pelargoniums, three, 6s, G. Holder; 2s 6d, C Holder; one, 2s 6d, Miss Bowman. Primula sinensia, three, 5s, Miss Bowman; 2s 6d, E. Trallagan; one, 2s 6d, F. H. Weeton. Calceolaria, one, 2s 6d, F. H. Weston. Mimulus, three, 5s, C. Holder; one, 2s 6d, C. Holder. Cinerarias, three, 5s, J. Tickle; 2s 6d, Miss Bowman; one, 2s 6d, T. R. Bright. Petunia, one, 2s 6d, C. Holder. Petunias, single, three, second prize 2s 6d, Miss Bowman; one, 2s 6d, F. H. Weston. Camellia, one, 5s, J. Tickle. Cyclaman, one, 2s 6d, J. Tickle. Azalea, one, 2s 6d, J. Tickle. Without reference to bloom : Ornamental plants, best collection, not less than nine, 10a Gd, F. H. Weston; 5s, J. Tickle. Basket plant, 5s, Miss Bowman; 2s 6d, J. Tickle. Cacti, collection, 7s 6d, J. Lloyd; 3s 6d, G. McLeish. Begonias, three, 5s, H. D. Jolly; 2s 6d, H. D. Jolly. Tri-color pelargonium, one, 2s 6d, C. Holder. Bi-color pelargonium, one, 2s 6d, C. Holder. Ivy pelargonium, one, 3s, Miss Bowman; Is 6d, E. Trallsgan. Coleus, three, 5s, J. Tickle. Ferns in pots, three, 5s, J. Tickle; one, 2s 6d, J. Tickle.
Judge — Same as for pot plants. Pelargoniums, show, three, 2s, Miss Bowman; one, 1s 6d, Miss Bowman. Pelargoniums, zonale, six, 4s, T. R. Bright; 2a, C. Holder; three, 2s, S. Williams; one, 1s 6d, Mrs. Lloyd. Pelargonium, double, one, 2s, Mrs. Lloyd. Phlox drummondi, six, 4s, O. W. Smith; three, 2s, O. W. Smith. Sparaxes, six, 4s, F. H. Weston; 2s, W. E. Giles; three, 2s, F. H. Weston. Ranunculi, six, 4s, H. D. Jolly; 2s, J. Tickle; three, 2s, H. D. Jolly; one, 1s 6d, C. Holder. Anemones, six, 4s, F. H. Weston; 2s, W. G. Lewcock; three, 2s, J. Tickle; one, 1s 6d, F. H. Weston. Tulips, three, 4s, H. D. Jolly; 2s, H. D. Jolly; one, 2s, H. D. Jolly. Gladioli, three, 2s, J. Tickle; one, 1s 6d, J, Tickle. Roses, six, 6s, Miss Bowman; 2s 6d, J. Tickle; three, 3s 6d, Miss Bowman; 2s, F. H. Weston. Verbenas, six, 4s, H. D. Jolly; 2s, T. R. Bright; three, 2s, T. R. Bright; 1s 6d, S. Williams. Pansies, fancy, six, 3s 6d, G. Holder; 2s 6d, H. D. Jolly. Pansies, self, six, 3s 6d, H. D. Jolly; 2s 6d, H. D. Jolly; three of any sort, 2s 6d, C. Holder; one, fancy, 2s 6d, C. Holder; one, self, 2s 6d, C. Holder. Antirrhinums, six, 4s, J. Tickle; three, 2s, W. G. Lewcock. Sweet Williams, six, 4s, J. Tickle ; three, 2s, J. Tickle ; Is 6d, G. McLeish. Dianthus, six, 4s, W. G. Lewcock; 2s, H. D. Jolly; three, 23, H. D. JoHy. Carnations, three, 3a 6d, T. R. Bright. Petunias, double, three, Ss 6d, T. R. Bright; one, 2a, G. Holder. Petunias, single, three, 3s 6d, T. R. Bright; 2s, O. W. Smith; one, 2s, T. R. Bright. Stocks, double, six, 4s, J. Tickle ; 2s, H. D. Jolly; three, 2s, J. Tickle; Is 6d, F. H. Weston. Wallflowers, three, 3s 6d, W. E. Giles; 2s, G. McLeish. Annuals, six, 3s 6d, O. Holder; 2s, S. Williams; three, 2s, S. Williams. Climbers, three, Ss 6d, F. H. Weston; one, 2s, J. Priaulx. Table bouquets, 5s, J. Tickle; 3s 6d, Miss Roach; 2s 6d, H. D. Jolly. Hand bouquet, 4s, Mrs. Davies; 2s 6d. Miss Priest; 1s 6d. C. Holder. Button-hole bouquet, 3s, Miss Priaulx; 2s, Miss Bowman; 1s, Mrs. Weiton. Bridal bouquet, 4s, Mrs. Weston; 3s, Miss Bowman; 2s, C. Holder. Basket cut flowers, 6s, J. Tickle; 3s, Miss Bowman; 2s, Miss Bowman. Floral design, 7s 6d, Mrs. Weston; 6b, Mrs. H, D, Jolly; 2s 6d, J. Tickle, Wreath, 5s, Mrs. Hogben; 2s 6d, J. Tickle. Collection cut flowers, not less than 18 varieties, 10s, S. Williams ; 5s, C. Holder. Ferns or lycopods, collection, 5s, H. D. Jolly; 2s 6d, H. D. Jolly. Collection of wild flowers, 5s, S. D. Davies ; 2s 6d, J. Tickle ; 1s 6d, J. Priaulx.
Judges — Messrs. W. G. Lewcock and W. Hudson. Collection orange or citron tribe, 10s, F. H. Weston. Oranges, 12, 5s, F. H. Weston. Apples, dessert, 12, 5s, C. Holder; 2s 6d, W. E. Maddern. Apples, kitchen, 12, 5s, W. E. Maddern; 2s 6d, C. Holder. Pears, dessert, 12, 5s, H. Jolly. Pears, kitchen, 12, Ss, H. Jollv : 2s 6d, M. Keane. Strawberries, 1 lb, 6s, W. G. Lewcock.
Judges — Same as for fruit. Potatoes, new, 28 lbs, second prize, 4s, J. Tickle. Cabbages, six, 5s, E. Trallagan; 2s 6d. G. Belperrin. Cabbages, three, 2s 6d, G. Belperrin. Cauliflowers, three, 2s 6d, J. Tickle. Turnips, six, 4s, J. Tickle ; 2s, Mrs. Hogben. Carrots, six, 4s, C. Holder j 2s, O. Holder. Parsnips, six, 4s, G. McLeish; 2s, G. McLeish. Lettuces, six, 4s, 0. Holder; 2s, Mrs. Hogben. Spinach, 4s, G. Belperrin. Peas, one peck, 5s, G. Belperrin, Rhubarb, 6 sticks, 5s, G. Belperrin; 2s Gd, G. Belperrin. Collection salad plants, 6s, W. E. Maddern. Collection of vegetables, 12s 6d, J. Tickle; 5s, G. Belperrin. Vegetable marrows, three, second prize, 2s, G. McLeish. Pie melon, 3s, Mrs. Hogben. Pumpkin, 3s, G. McLeish. Leeks, J. Tickle.
Judges — Same as for fruit. Butter, salted, 14 lbs, 10s, P. Kelly; 6s, J. Fry, ‘Very superior lot,’ Butter, fresh, three lbs, 6s, J. G. McCormack; 3s, J. Fry. Cheese, one, 5s, J. Taylor, ‘Good cheese, but too new’; 2s Gd, J. Taylor. Bacon, one flitch, 10s, J. Tickle. Hams, two, 7s 6d, J. Fry; Ss, Mrs. Vicary. One ham, 5g, G. McLeish. Lard, 7 lbs, 7s 6d, Mrs. Weston; 5s, Miss Bowman. Bacon, rolled, one side, 7s 6d, J. Tickle ; 5s, J. Tickle. Hen eggs, one dozen, 5s, Miss Bowman; 2s 6d, J. Priaulx. Duck eggs, one dozen, 5s, J. Torr; 2s 6d, J. Priaulx.
Judges — Same as for fruit. Collection dried fruits, 7s 3d, J. Tickle; 3s 6d, Mrs. Hogben. Collection of jams, 7s 8d, J. Tickle; 3s 6d, Mrs. Hogben. Collection of jellies, 5s, Mrs. Weston; 2s 6d, Mrs. Hogben. Wax, five lbs, 7s 6d, J. Tickle; 4s, J. Tickle. Honey, five lbs, 7s 6d, J. Fry; 5s, J. Tickle. Collection of pickles, 7s 6d, Mrs. Hogben; 4s, Mrs, Hogben. Bread, white, two loaves, 5s, Miss Bowman; 2s 6d, E. Trallagan. Bread, brown, two loaves, 5s, E. Trallagan; 2s 6d, J. Lloyd. Chaff, one bag, 7s 6d, J. Tickle; 5s, W. Hudson, Biscuits, Mrs. Hogben, ‘recommended a prize.’
Judge— Mr. A. Forsyth. Game fowls, 7a 6d, J. Fry; 5s, S. D. Daviea. Dark Brahmas, 7s 6d, J. Fry. Light Brahmas, 7s Gd, Dr. Harvey; 5a, Dr. Harvey. Dorkings, 7s 6d, Dr. Harvey; 5s, J. Fry. Cochins, 7s 6d, H. D. Jolly. Spanish, 7s 6d, W. Rowe; 5s, J. Fry. Bantams, 5s, J. Torr. Mixed-bred, 7s 6d, J. Lloyd; 5s, J. Fry. Duck and drake, 7s 6d, J. Torr. Mountain duck and drake, 7s 6d, J. Priaulx.
Judges of fancy work — Mesdames Jolly, sen., and Weston. Patchwork quilt, Mrs. J. Tickle, sen.; box raisins, J. Tickle; two crotchet antimacassars, Mrs. Maddern; model of ship, G. Scarfe; New Caledonian shells, C. Hollman; wax flowers, Miss Roach (hon mention); poonah painting, Miss Roach (hon mention); leather work, Miss Roach; cushion, Miss D. Bowman.