Mintaro roads memorial

Present—Commissioners—Messrs. A. Hallett (Chairman), T. Playford, M.P., R. Smith, R. S. Kelly, J.P., G. McEwin, J.P., and H. Warren, J.P.; the Secretary (Mr. H. J. Andrews); Superintending Surveyors-Messrs. Morris, Boothby, Macaulay, Ashwin, and Hargrave. District Chairmen—Messrs. T. Wright (Clarendon), R. Patterson (Munno Para East), and J. Stone, sen. (Kondoparinga).
Sir Geo. S. Kingston, M.P., and Mr. H. E. Bright, M.P., attended as a deputation, and presented a memorial, signed by between 40 and 50 residents in the District of Stanley. It was addressed to the Council of that district, and they had been requested to present it. The memorial called attention to the fearfully bad state of the northern and southern approaches to the Township of Mintaro, requesting the Council to use their influence with the Board to have the pieces of road undermentioned made safe and passable, they being now in a dangerous state, viz.:—That piece of road from Mintaro to Wolkee (sic) Creek, and about three miles of the road from Mintaro towards Leasingham. The deputation hoped the Board would take the matter into consideration, and comply with the request as soon as possible. They felt that the district had not had its fair share of expenditure in proportion to the length of its roads, and trusted there might be no more delay than caused by the wet weather. They hoped something additional would be given to make up for past neglect.
The Board said the money appropriated for the road would be expended as soon as the weather allowed.


No. 2543, Kooringa and Port Wakefield road, delivering 1,000 yards hard unbroken quarry stone between Mintaro and Wockie Creek—W. McGough, £112 10s.  …