Mintaro report

[From our own Correspondent.]
July 11, 1877.
Our township has been a little more lively of late, owing to several works in progress. The road works from the township to the railway station, including an iron bridge to span the Wookie Creek (sic), will be a great improvement and a boon to the district. Mr. M. Tobin duly laid the foundation-stone of this bridge on Tuesday, 10th inst.
The Council Chamber is also making rapid strides towards completion, and will improve the look of our Main-street. The Clerk of the Stanley District Council will not be very sorry to change his quarters, for he is now very cramped for room.
There is some talk of building the Institute at once, and I believe the Committee have a considerable sum in hand and promised, which, if collected, together with the Government subsidy, would complete a suitable building. A Committee has also been formed, having for its object an entertainment in aid of its funds. I wish them success, as an Institute is of material service in any community.
The season so far has been everything that could be desired, and our farmers are looking forward with most sanguine hopes to the coming harvest.
We have had some very fine weather during this month, but many of the roads are still in a very bad condition.
Entertainments have been numerous of late. Dooner’s pantecnatheca, Oriel’s performing dogs, and the Burra Christy Minstrels, have paid us visits, all of which attracted good houses, though Mons. Oriel prices were rather high for a “one horse township” like this.