MINTARO, March 11.
Changeable weather has been experienced at Mintaro during the past two weeks. First a hot spell, nine days over the 90° mark, five of which were over the 100°, the hottest day being 104 in the shade, followed on Monday 10th with a thunder storm—registering 121 points and 150 at Mintaro Railway Station, making the River Wakefield uncrossable until Tuesday afternoon. Another storm passed over the Railway Station, registering an inch in an hour, which again brought down the flood waters. The local telegraph messenger (Mr. O. Grym) crossed about half past five, but on his return could not get back, and in trying to do so got washed over the ford with his horse and dray. He was discovered by Master Jack Mortlock, who waded out to him, and kept him company until further help arrived. The news of the mishap was brought into the town by Mr. T. Brown, and about 20 willing hands were soon on the scene, and Mr. Grym was rescued. The horse and dray were recovered later. The rain was needed by most people, as the majority of tanks and dams were empty. Mr. T. J. Horgan had a stack of about 1,500 tone of hay near the Mintaro railway which was surrounded by a foot of water.
Wheat carting here is finished, and about 28,000 bags have been delivered at the railway station, being 2,000 bugs less than last year’s total. The average yield for this district was about 20 bushels.
A cricket match, married v. single, was played on the Mintaro oval on Saturday last, and resulted in a win for the single men by 11 runs. Scores—Single, 75; married, 64.
Mr. S. Torr, one of Mintaro’s leading cricketers, and his family are at present having a two months’ holiday at Henley Beach. He will be greatly missed from next Saturday’s match with Clare at Clare. The following players have been picked to represent Mintaro:—Captain T. Richardson, A. Richardson, H. Richardson, Joe. Ryan, R. Rowe, A. Sibly, G. Paul, G. K. Haslam, N. Garrard, J. Jacobs, G. Smith. Emergencies — J. Paul, D. McDonnell. Traps will leave Mintaro at 12.30 p.m. sharp.
The Mintaro Quarry Company pulled its first stone with one of the new cranes to-day. It has an 85-foot jib, and a hauling power of seven tons. The new sawing plant has been erected, and is ready for use. The third new crane arrived at the station to-day. It has a jib 50 feet in length with legs 40 feet long, and work will be brisk after the Easter holidays. Mr. W. Laycock has purchased a larger crane for his quarry, and will be employing more hands later on.
Inspector McBride visited the Mintaro school on March 10.
A dust storm passed over Mintaro to-day.