Mintaro Report

[From our own Correspondent. |
Mintaro, August 3.
For the last fortnight we have had very tempestuous weather, accompanied by a deal of rain, which has caused our roads to be in a most fearful condition; in fact, unsafe for any sort of travelling. But I believe it is the intention of our District Council to make some improvements in this part of the district as soon as possible, which, as a matter of course, they know is much needed.
In my last communication to you I stated we had lost both our schoolmasters. Their loss is now replaced by others, who, if we can judge by testimonials and the recommendations of highly-respectable and influential individuals, are the right sort of persons needed in this locality.
I visited the Cemetery at Penwortham on Friday last to inspect a splendid tomb erected to the memory of the late Dr. Sokolowsky, whose death was noticed some short time back in your columns. He was a man who was highly respected by all who knew him. The tomb is erected of Mintaro slate, and most beautifully cut in relief. The sides are pannelled with ornamental corners; at the head a bunch of grapes, a rose, a lily, and an acorn are most artistically cut; and at the feet a honeysuckle. The top of the tomb bears the following inscription:—”Sacred to the memory of Anthony Sokolowsky, M.D., who died 22nd December, 1862, aged 44 years. Long will he live in the memory of those whom he relieved, and the tears of his mourning widow and of the suffering poor for whom he spent his life will long yet witness his truly Christian charity. May he rest in peace.” Many persons express their intention of visiting this tomb, and it will most certainly gratify them, as it is a most splendid affair, and reflects great credit on our worthy townsman, Mr. Priest, and his workmen, at the same time showing our capability of producing such works of art and such material.
I observe a ploughing match is advertised to take place here soon. I shall not fail to send you a report of the same.