Mintaro report

[From our own Correspondent.]
Mintaro, November 23.
Since the memory of the oldest inhabitant of this part of the colony no more favourable season has been known for the farmers. The crops on the average are splendid, and haymaking is progressing favourably. The greatest complaint is the insufficiency of labour. The weather is delightful.
Our District Council are improving our roads in many places, and are considered to be doing as great justice toward this part of the district as their present means will allow.
Since my last communication we have lost by death one of our inhabitants— Mr. Michael Reilly, a farmer for many years resident in this district, and a person who was generally esteemed. His remains were followed to the grave by a numerous body of the inhabitants of this district, thus testifying the esteem the deceased was held in during his life.
The storekeepers here are rejecting the penny tokens which recently have become so large a portion of the copper currency.