Mintaro report

[From our own Correspondent.]
Mintaro, October 12.
In my last report to you I commented upon the beautiful scenery of this locality, with an invitation to the tourist to visit us; but at that time we had had a few beautiful sunny days, which had made our roads in a passable condition—indeed it was quite a pleasure to go out—but we had scarcely enjoyed it before we were again visited by very heavy rains, which have made our roads in as bad a state as they were during the winter; in fact, while many of your correspondents are stating the badness of the roads, is there one locality where a person had to be actually dug out of the main road save this? Your humble correspondent had a most narrow escape of having his horse killed and his spring-cart broken to pieces, the horse sinking to his hips in the centre of the road, and the cart to its bed. A team of bullocks was engaged to extricate the same. It is time our District Council looked to this matter.
Our crops are looking exceedingly well in this locality, and, although late, promise an abundant harvest.
It gives me great pleasure to state that all the agriculturists in this locality have felt highly pleased with their worthy representative, Mr. Kingston, for his observations as regards rangers impounding for squatters in the late debate on Mr. Coglin’s new Impounding Act; and it is to be hoped the Commissioner of Crown Lands will forward instructions to them not to employ themselves in such manner.