Mintaro Races Report

[From a Correspondent]
This being the first advertised race got up in Mintaro, came off on Tuesday, December 27, on a piece of land well situated to make as fine a course as we have in South Australia, the use of which was kindly given by the proprietor, Mr. P. Brady, who offers the same, as well as a liberal subscription yearly, for same purpose. The meeting was well attended, though not so well as most Northern meetings, as many farmers in this district have not yet got their wheat in ; and this being St. John’s Day as, I believe, a race day in Kooringa, many would feel more inclined to visit than leave Kooringa. The horses came to post, and started as under, first race being—
MAIDEN STAKES.—One mile. One event. Adelaide weights.
E. C. Wood’s b.g. Birdcatcher, 4 yrs. (Owner) … 1
Evans’s b.g. Plenipo, 4 yrs … 2
Prest’s blk.g. Pride of Kildare, 4 yrs. … 3
L. Gleeson’s b.g. Dolphin, 3 yrs … 4
A good start, and splendid race, won by half a neck but the rider of Plenipo having no whip, had no power in the final struggle at finish.
MINTARO PLATE.—Open to all horses. Entrance, 3 guineas, with 25 sovs. added.
Mr. R. C. Wood’s b.g. Privilege, aged, (Owner) 1 1
Mr. Prest’s b.m. Leonora, (Owner) … 2 2
HURDLE RACE.—Over four jumps four feet high.
One mile and a half. Heats. Entrance, 2 guineas, with 20 sovs. added.
Mr. Bruce’s b.m. Valerie (Welsh) … 1 1
Mr. E. C. Wood’s b.g. Highflyer, (Manning) 2 2
This, although only two horses in the race, was most exciting. Manning having a heavy spill at first jump, and the horse having got away, had to pull well to save his distance.
Second heat.—Both riders embraced mother earth together over first leap ; they however again quickly mounted, and got away, and I think the fall must have brightened them up, as, instead of waiting for each other as at first leap, each made a struggle for place, and the horses made splendid jumps—no baulk in the race.
HACK STAKES.—One guinea entrance, £10 added, 1½ mile heats :—
Mr. Prest’s chesnut gelding.
Mr. A. Melville’s Gipsy.
Mr. Tobin’s Barebones.
Mr. A. Brady’s Fanny.
Mr. McNamara’s Tommy.
Won easily by Prest’s gelding, who, however, was protested against as having won p[u]blic money.
HURRY SKURRY.—5s. entrance, with £2 10s. added. Half-a-mile. A capital finish, in which nine horses figured.
In the evening Mr. Woodhead, of Mintaro, and Mr. Gibson, the worthy Secretary, handed over the amounts won with the exception of £10 for the Hacks, which is left to the decision of the Stewards.