Mintaro notices

TO ISAAC TRELEGGON, at Bendigo.—Unless you immediately return and secure the Harvest at Mintaro, you will be deprived of all interest therein by C. S. HARE.
Adelaide, December 8, 1852.

TIMOTHY KELLY, of Penwortham, to save unpleasant proceedings, is requested to forward, without delay, to Mrs. Reynolds, of Mintaro, what was entrusted to him by Robert Reynolds, in presence of John Whitcombe.

WHEREAS a set of bullock-drivers upon the Gulf-road have at different times stolen bullocks and horses, robbed huts and set fire to them, and slaughtered a number of sheep at the Bridge and Six-mile Station, on the 6th and 7th instant, the above will be a standing reward to any person who will be the means of convicting any of the offenders who may or have committed offences upon our property.
November 29th, 1852. J. & E. BOWMAN.