Mintaro news

MINTARO, June 14.
We have had splendid weather, and everything is looking well. Farmers are busy getting in their crops.—Mr. Lascelles gave one of his entertainments here on Saturday last, but owing to several causes there was a very small attendance. It is a pity when anything of this kind is coming off there is not a longer notice given, that people may make their arrangements so that they may have a chance of seeing it.—Your Clare correspondent of June 9, in speaking of the removal of the Mintaro Station farther north, says by so doing “it will be brought five miles nearer to them, and will travel over an infinitely better road.” I cannot understand how be makes it out. Even supposing it were removed, as he says, all the traffic would have to come by the Mintaro-road as far as the Gap, about a mile from Mintaro, as there is no other road from Clare to Farrell’s Flat available for traffic. Then it would cross a black and rotten Bay of Biscay country, which after a little while would be impassable. At the present time there is about £300 being expended on the road from Mintaro to Trilling’s Hill; all the hills are being cut, and culverts are being built. The Stanley Council have also purchased a road direct from Mintaro to the crossing over the Wakefield, where they have made a good ford; and from that to the Railway Station there is a good hard natural road. We Mintaro folks trust in the well-known good sense of the Commissioner of Public Works, believing it never could have been his intention in fixing the sites for the stations to entirely ignore the established townships, where thousands of pounds have been spent in improving property, just to oblige a few to whom it can make but little difference.—I am happy to say that Mr. Priest’s son, whose leg was taken off a short time ago, will soon be able to get about. This speaks well for the operators, Drs. Vogt and Bain.