Mintaro News

MINTARO, April 5.—A fete in aid of Clare and District Hospital, which was given in the Mintaro Institute, on March 10, was a great success. Mr. G. Pulford introduced Dr. A. A. Smith, who explained the object of the fete and congratulated the ladies on the attractiveness of their stalls. Mr. M. L. Giles proposed the vote of thanks to Dr. A. A. Smith. The hall was artistically decorated, and the stalls keenly competed with each other. The judges tor the cake competitions were Mesdames O. Wein Smith and Deland, and Miss Smith. In the “handsome man” competition much interest was aroused. Messrs. T. Dunn and P. Stevens retired early in the evening, leaving the field to Mr. C. Pulford and Mr. F. R. Mortlock, the former winning by 265 votes. The evening was much enlivened by the selections given by Cato’s Jazz Band. Stallholders:—Work stall, Mrs. Mortlock (convener); Misses Montague, Priaulx, and Smith; produce, Miss Keane and Mrs. Hunt (conveners), Mesdames Hean and J. Tickle, and Misses Hean and Tillett; cake competition, Mesdames Woods, Mugford, and Blatchford; sweet, Mesdames Botchen, Jacka, and J. N. Tickle; afternoon tea, Mesdames Pugsley and Waby, assisted by Mesdames Smith, Adams, Scarfe, Turner, and Miss Hean; jumble, Misses G. and C. Pulford, Mugford, and Giles; cool drinks, Messrs. S. Hancock and D. Smith, C. McDougall; fairy well, Miss Pulford and Masters Don Turner and Fred Hector. The net proceeds were more than £108.