Mintaro News

August 8.
—Restoring a Church.—
Great improvements are being made to the old Methodist Church, which is being renovated and restored to quite a respectable appearance. For a long time the building had been in a dilapidated condition, but since it became the property of the Anglican Church trustees improvements have been made. The contractor (Mr. Arthur) has pushed the work along, and intends, if possible, to have the building completed by Wednesday, August 10. Mr. Geo. Scarfe, has charge of the flagstone work in the chancel, and has made a first-class job of it.
A Cinderella dance in connection with the above church was held in the Institute Hall on Wednesday last, and was largely attended.
At a meeting on Friday for the purpose of considering the advisability of holding the annual children’s sports. It was resolved that sports be held on Friday, September 1, on the Mintaro Recreation Ground. Messrs J. A. Jacobs and A. March were appointed judges ; J. L. Ryan and Phil. Williams, handicappers ; and G. D. Paul starter. A programme of 20 events was drawn out, and Messrs. Brown and Priaulx were appointed collectors, with Messrs W. N. Rowe and Priaulx as secretaries. A good day’s sport is anticipated for the children.