Mintaro News

February 14.—Harvest thanksgiving services in connection with the Mintaro Central Methodist Church were held on Sunday last. Services were conducted in the morning by the Rev. S. C. Mugford (Auburn), and in the evening by the Rev. H. Trewren (Mintaro). Special anthems were rendered by the choir, Miss Talbot acting as organist. The church was tastefully decorated with the many products of the season. The annual picnic in connection with the church will be held on the grounds of Mr. William Skilly on Wednesday.—A fire broke out on the premises belonging to Messrs. Main Brothers, about two miles from the town, last week. Fortunately, it was discovered before much damage was done, and neighbors assembled in great force, and soon extinguished the flames.
February 10.—The annual harvest thanksgiving picnic in connection with the Mintaro, Auburn, Hoyleton, and Watervale circuit was held on the grounds of Mr. Williams, Skilley, on Wednesday. The tables were laden with good things, provided by the members of the church and other friends. Various games were provided for young and old. Tennis matches were played between clubs from Mintaro, Hoyleton, and Watervale. The proceeds amounted to £26.—Mr. George Montgomery, who has carried on business for the past 14 years as general storekeeper, has disposed of his business to Mr. J. Denton, of Waterloo, and intends leaving shortly for Western Australia, whither several members of his family have already preceded him.