Mintaro News

MINTARO, February 21.
Supreme quietness reigns in this locality, for things have not been so dull as now for the past 36 years. It is almost a treat to see a stranger or a vehicle passing through the street, and it is believed that it will be worse still in the time to come. The only pleasure we have is in trying to console each other daily; in fact, we begin to fancy that we are far removed from the busy haunts of men. It is a pity that so pretty, so healthy, a township as this should collapse as it has done. However, we must make the best of it, for what cannot be cured must be endured.
I am very sorry that business at the slate quarry is slack, and that consequently some men were to be discharged last week. Some very elegant and large-sized slabs of slate have been forwarded to town for the Exhibition Building. Slabs 15 ft. long and 10 ft. broad have been taken out of the quarry, and no doubt those that have been used at the Exhibition Building will cause considerable attraction, and it is to be hoped will eventually be a benefit to our worthy quarry proprietor.
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The farming population are anxiously looking for rain to enable them to fallow, and although the late season has been so unfavorable to them they hope for better.