Mintaro Merildin

From ALEX. J. MELROSE, Kadlunga, Mintaro:
— I agree with Mr. M. A. Kelly that, if there is anything at all puzzling about this Mintaro-Merildin business, it is not that the railway station for the Mintaro district, the Mintaro township, and the famous Mintaro slate quarries, should be known as Mintaro, but that it should ever have been changed. The prime cause of the whole trouble is Mr. C. J. H. Wright, whose complaint is that, through being wrongly addressed, his letters occasionally were sent to Mintaro Central instead of to the Mintaro Railway P.O. In endeavouring to have the name of the latter changed he has apparently been at work in the wrong direction, with the result that the railway has been renamed Merildin, while the post office in the railway yard is still called the Mintaro Railway P.O. There must exist an extraordinary state of affairs when, at the instigation of a single unauthorized person, a name can be changed, while the concerted efforts of a large body of ratepayers are of no avail to change it back again. In justice to the residents of the Mintaro district, the matter should be given an official ventilation and explanation, and, if we cannot have the old name reinstated by any other means, will Mr. Wright, seeing that he has not obtained what he really wanted, use his influence with whatever powers there be to obtain this result?