Mintaro, June 1900

Mintaro, June 2.
Something a little out of the common was expected here in connection with the rejoicing over the abandonment of Pretoria, but the expectation fell very short of the reality. No occasion in the past history of our village provoked such enthusiasm. On Friday afternoon the public school-children, each carrying a flag, and headed by two boys dressed as soldiers, carrying a large Union Jack, marched through the streets, followed by nearly all of the residents. The sound of numerous bells mingled with the strains from a brass band, while patriotic songs were song, and cheering was indulged in, after which an adjournment was made to the school, where refreshments were provided for the children. In the evening a procession marched through the main street, and volley after volley was fired, and cheer after cheer given for all of the Transvaal heroes. At the Town Hall an impromptu concert programme was carried out. Speeches were given by the chairman (Mr. A. P. Brown), Messrs. Weston, Mortlock, and the Rev. W. A. Millikan. Items were rendered by Misses Fry and Montgomery, and Messrs. Blue and Fry. Miss Fry sang “The absent-minded beggar,” and received donations to the extent of 10/. The accompanists were Misses Weston, Mortimer, and Fry. After the concert a supper was given, and a quarter-bag of flour, given by the local baker, was sold, first on the Bugler principle, and then totally, realising £2 4/8, which will be sent to the Patriotic Fund. The National Anthem finished the day’s proceedings.