Mintaro, June 1873

[From our own Correspondent.]
June 4.
Since my last communication to you a very narrow escape of a gentleman being killed happened on the road just outside Mintaro, at the embankments. I am not exactly sure, but I believe it was Mr. Dale, the local preacher. He was only saved by his presence of mind in pulling his horse straight down it. Persons who were looking at it could scarcely believe in his escape from injury.
A person named Hugh Kearns met with an accident a few days since. He was at work with Mr. M. Tobin, storekeeper, and in returning from dinner to his work he accidentally fell down, through a small stone rolling upon which he trod, and broke the small bone of his leg. Mr. Tobin conveyed him home in his trap. Dr. Carter was in immediate attendance, and at this date he is progressing satisfactorily.
In my next communication to you I shall forward an account regarding public pounds, and how some are managed. It is high time that exposure took place for the benefit of the public. Complaints will be made at the next sitting of the District Council in regard to ours.
A lake worthy of the attention of the tourist has now formed in front of the residence of Mr. W. E. Giles. A few small boats are required, and the Mintaroites can enjoy themselves in their spare time, thanks to the Central Road Board.