[From our own Correspondent.]
Mintaro, August 28.
There has not, since Mintaro has been a township, been such dull times as we have now. Every person seems to complain as to money. We have lost all hope. Business people are indifferent about selling, knowing that cash has become quite out of the question. Two butchers out of three are doing nothing, for the wholesale trade require such short settlements that they find, under the present arrangements, it is better to be idle than sell until times alter.
Mr. Thomas Evans, a person highly respected in this locality, died suddenly on Monday evening (27th). He was to all appearance well immediately before. After tea he sat down in his chair and expired suddenly.
A son of Mr. Samuel Robinson has had a most narrow escape from being crushed to death. He was proceeding from Mintaro, I believe, to Clare with some very heavv flagging or window-sills. About the middle of his journey part of the harness gave way, and it became impossible for him to stop the horses. The young man was in the dray, when it turned suddenly over on its side, and his legs became jammed under the wheel. A Mr. Morgan was near at the time, who observed the accident and although alone, by dint of hard labour (the whole weight of the stone being also on him) extricated the poor young man. I believe no limbs were broken, and I hear he is progressing very favourably.